I finally found a way to post in my blog! I had to get an app. I have so much to say but I can't say it all now because dinner is soon and because my iPhone is too slow to type on.

Well let's see... There is SO much to say. Japan is amazing... Everything about it... Where to begin....

I guess I'll start with the barbeque! One of the first days I was here my host brother threw me a huge welcoming barbeque. It was amazing! There was so much delicious meat... We ate pork, chicken, salmon, and we also ate 焼きそば(yakisoba), literally "Fry Noodles". Yakisoba is one of my favorite Japanese foods now. We fired up the grill and threw on some noodles, vegetables, and meat, put in some seasoning, and voilà! Delicious yakisoba! And it was really nice to meet some new friends before I even went to school!

For now I must go!
I'll update more later :)


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Wow, it has been a very eventful, busy, stressful, and productive past week...

I bought all the clothes I needed, packed, got my passport, started working out overseas insurance, and so much more!

I am very happy to say that I received an e-mail from my host brother who is 17 a couple days ago and we have been corresponding. I also have received a picture and email from my host father :)

Here is info about them that I received :D

Family introduction.

Name Age Occupation Hobby
Masashi 48 Chemical plant manager Climbing mauntain
Kaoru 49 Welfare supervising instructor Movie watching
Sachiko 24 Nursery teacher Snowboard
Ryo 21 Company employee Basketball
Seiya 17 The second grade of high-school Basketball
Haruna 13 The second grade of junior high-school tennis
Sakura Dog
Hana Dog
koko Cat
Myu Cat

I was so happy to hear from my family! :) Here is a picture of them

I am glad to know that my host brother wants to study English with me as I study Japanese. He is going to be traveling to Denmark in July! I want to help him as much as possible :) I am also happy to hear that my little sister likes to play tennis! That's so exciting... also my brother Seiya told me I can join the tennis club at school! :) I can't wait for this trip... I'm looking forward to it so much! My older sister works at a nursery and I hope to visit there too and maybe play with the little kids... I bet they are better at Japanese than I am... hahaha :) I'm also excited to hear that I have two cats and two dogs... I love animals :D

I have received other pictures from my family which I will update later :)

My host father also asked me if I would like to climb the mountains with him! I am so excited!

I did a little research on my town where I am staying. It is a town called Kamiichi, in Toyama Prefecture. My house is in the country! I am very excited to see all of the land and the views :) My town is very close to the bay in the ocean. The cool thing about Toyama prefecture is that it is one of the only prefectures that has the view of mountains in the distance when looking out over the ocean. I also learned that the lakes by my house are filled with a species of squid called "firefly squid". These squid glow different colors at night and light up the lake! I am so excited to see the land, the mountains, the house, and everything! :D

Today was my last day of school... I am so happy to be done (even though I have to take my finals in August... haha). After school today my two friends Silvia (the exchange student from Italy) and Camille (the exchange student from France) came over. We hung out until 7 when I had a bunch of my friends come over for a going away party. It was so great to have all of my friends together in one place... We all played fun games and laughed so hard. It was the greatest time ever and I couldn't think of a better way to spend my last days at home :D. But after the party came the tears... We had to say goodbye to Silvia and Camille and Sorawit (the exchange student from Thailand). Our exchange student friends won't be here when we return, so it was very sad to say goodbye... I hope to communicate with them in the future :)

So I must go to bed... it's 2:04 AM and I'm ranting about the Japan trip when I should be getting sleep... I may not get much of it in the next week.

Goodnight everyone
Minna-san, Oyasumi-nasai


My first blog post!

Hey Everyone!
Or should I say Konnichiwa! :D

So as of three days ago, (yes, I'm aware this is very short notice), My twin brother Evan and I were granted the Japanese American Friendship Scholarship from Youth For Understanding!

With lots and lots of help from my family, I have finally raised enough money to say that I am definitely going to Japan this summer! I can't explain in words how grateful I am for every penny I have received from my family! :)

I seriously can't wait for this. I've been dreaming of this opportunity forever... and it's going to come in about a week!!! :D Look forward to many updates on this blog :)

Hopefully my host family will have a computer that I can access internet on, and if not I'll be sure to go to the closest local library to update my blog!