I finally found a way to post in my blog! I had to get an app. I have so much to say but I can't say it all now because dinner is soon and because my iPhone is too slow to type on.

Well let's see... There is SO much to say. Japan is amazing... Everything about it... Where to begin....

I guess I'll start with the barbeque! One of the first days I was here my host brother threw me a huge welcoming barbeque. It was amazing! There was so much delicious meat... We ate pork, chicken, salmon, and we also ate 焼きそば(yakisoba), literally "Fry Noodles". Yakisoba is one of my favorite Japanese foods now. We fired up the grill and threw on some noodles, vegetables, and meat, put in some seasoning, and voilà! Delicious yakisoba! And it was really nice to meet some new friends before I even went to school!

For now I must go!
I'll update more later :)


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Morgan said...

mmm <3 food. hehehe Eat some tempura for me! I'm glad that you can post on your blog easier, I'm looking forward to it, and glad you're having fun! :D

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